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Posted on Monday.1.11.2010


After a long hiatus on the blogosphere, I’m finally ready to unveil my new rebranded blog. The new hour9 blog will be more specifically focused on providing reading material for leaders, like myself, who are either starting their careers in leadership or desiring to obtain some concrete tools or skills to take them to the next level. I will also be focusing some attention on young (in age) leaders and how they can develop into effective, successful professionals. These types of leaders are what I’d like to call, the learning leader. However, since leadership is leadership is leadership, all of my posts will still be relevant to ANY leader who is desiring to learn more or have a refresher course on some aspect of leadership.

I’ve created a FAQ for my rebrand so that you can get an idea of what to expect from my blog in the future.

How will it be different than before?
In the past, I wrote about anything and everything under the leadership umbrella. I will be focusing on topics that concern both young and inexperienced leaders and the issues they might face. My belief is that these leaders need to reflect on and develop different leadership skills than do their more experienced and seasoned colleagues.

What will make it different from other leadership blogs?
Every time I post I will include actions steps or points of reflection that are essential to the development of the learning leader. Though there are many other leadership blogs that focus on this, again, I will be focusing on the specific developmental areas of the learning leader.

Why should I read it?
That part you’ll have to decide for yourself. I will say this, it’s one of the few learning leadership blog on the web!

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