inspiring words from Will Smith

Posted on Tuesday.3.23.2010


Check out these words from Will Smith…

Some Points of reflection:

  1. Die on a treadmill: Yesterday, I tweeted this quote by Hugh MacLeod, “If somebody in your industry is more successful than you, it’s probably because he works harder at it than you do.” Will Smith speaks to the same idea of hard work and success, that he’s willing to die on the treadmill. What are you willing to work for so hard that you’d die while doing it?
  2. Lay one brick at a time: though this seems like a simple strategy, a lot of people will use the weight of an extremely difficult or large task as an excuse not to get any of the work done. The overwhelming feelings of defeat when facing an enormous project can be stifling. Sometimes laying the first brick is removing the excuses and just starting. What excuses do you have right now that’s keeping you from starting?
  3. Focus on making a difference: In this vignette, Will Smith is talking about adding value. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever people you work for or with, you have an opportunity to add value. Examine the work that you’re doing, whether it’s in your job or not, is it simply just actions and business or does it make an impact?