about Kevin

Kevin Kim has been an educator since 2003.  He is passionate about leadership development and learning.  With an inquisitive mind, he prefers to raise more thought-provoking questions and spur open dialogues on such issues, as opposed to providing all of the answers.

Kevin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Film Studies from the University of California, Irvine.  In 2004, he began his career with Teach for America (TFA), a non-profit organization that aims to end educational inequity by placing high-caliber college graduates to teach in America’s highest-poverty communities.  He’s carried various leadership and coordinator positions throughout his career, as well as coaching high school basketball in some of the nation’s top programs.

Kevin is married to Amy, his college sweetheart, and lives in Southern California with their dog, Kobe (Bryant, not beef). In his spare time, Kevin loves to read, golf, travel, and eat.  In fact, second to ESPN, the Travel Channel and Food Network are his most-watched channels!

Facebook: Kevin Kim (Networks-Teach for America, Orange County)
Twitter: mrkkim
Leave him a comment, email, let him know what you think.

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  1. So many of us have been lulled into just doing what it takes to put food on the table. Keep getting the message out that there is more to life and all of us can be creative and make a contribution to our world. I applaud your dedication to education. My youngest daughter has just begun her career in education and she intends to do more to develop her students than just teaching the 3 R’s.

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