Your idea sucks

Posted on Wednesday.3.17.2010


Yes, your idea sucks…if it stays as an idea. One of things I’ve been learning as of late is to do more and talk less. Seth Godin calls it shipping, Mike Myatt calls it actionable leadership, and I will call it “mouthless movement.”

It’s not always easy for me to put all my thoughts into action and for a while now I’ve had tons of ideas and thoughts in my head. What’s even worse? I let a lot of people know all the ideas and thoughts and did very little to put those ideas into action. Someone recently told me that most people have good ideas and are able to analyze situations, whats going to make you stand out is getting the job done.

I would love to be recognized for my ideas and my thoughts and have someone pay me for them. I think most of us would. Success will require more than thinking about hypotheticals and talking about ideas, but showing that you can get things done. Repetitive action is the shortest path between you and success.

Action Steps:

1. Write (yes, with a pen or a pencil, they’re still useful and not yet archaic) down three things you want to accomplish this week.
2. Prioritize. Don’t start #2 until #1 is done.
3. Get ’em done.

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