about hour9

Welcome to my blog.  This blog is mostly to help me flush out my thoughts on vision, success, hard work and leadership. These are things that energize me to think about and hopefully will incite others to reflect over and challenge. My goal is to present more questions than answers in these areas and be able to get your input and feedback on any (crazy) thoughts that go in my head as it pertains to leadership.

I created the name hour9 for two reasons: 1. the ninth hour is the hour when no one wants to work (pending you have an eight hour work day, of course). It’s the hour where everyone’s gone home, checked out, or if still working is frantically scrambling just to get the job done. I believe this is where the greatest vision and success come from…that time when everyone else has chosen to stop thinking and dreaming but the leader chooses to go the extra mile. 2. biblically, the ninth hour is when Jesus cried out to God and the darkness lifted after the crucifixion. A great vision happened at that point, the Roman soldier who ridiculed and spat on Jesus, realized that Jesus was who He said He was…in the ninth hour.

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  1. tonybkim


    Dude, love your blog and your title. Great job and looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. Lead away!

  2. YES. Do it man

  3. WHAT A GREAT TITLE and an even BETTER meaning behind it. LOVE.

  4. you’re cool.

  5. whoa. you and mrs. kim are all about serious blogs. bloggers’ blogs. i like your cost of free entry 🙂

  6. quijotedon



  7. I like your website it’s very positive and upbeat, thank you!
    Here’s mine: http://www.healthishealthdoes.com

  8. Hey man, hope your doing good. I was wondering when you will post your next blog? I have not seen one up on your site in a while and really enjoy reading what you have to say. Talk to you later

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