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Posted on Wednesday.1.20.2010


On a previous post I wrote about how being an expert doesn’t necessarily make you the best leader. But what if you’re the leader of the team AND the go-to-person on your team? Sportswriter Bill Simmons wrote a great article today on how one athlete is handling it and doing it well. Check out the article here

Managing being the leader on your team as well as being the best can come with a number of caveats. As the leader, you can be seen as selfish, boastful, controlling, distrusting, and over zealous if you try to take over and do everything.

The key to being both is learning adaptability. Being the most adaptable member of your team can allow you to exhibit excellence as a team leader but also know how to defer to your other team members. Adaptability gives you the ability to adjust to different situations and lead different types of people and personalities. The best leaders adapt, while good leaders just manage well.

Points of Reflection
Are you the go-to-person on your team? If so, in what situations can you defer to your team and still achieve maximum success?
List all the responsibilities of your team. If you can do them all fairly well, you can take some giant steps toward adaptability.

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