Happy Birthday Coach Wooden

Posted on Wednesday.10.14.2009



Today is the 99th birthday of one of my favorite leaders of all time. Though I don’t know him personally, his coaching philosophy, his pyramid of success and endless amounts of quotes have impacted my life greatly. His life and leadership have transcended time and crossed paths with just about every industry whether coaching or business. There aren’t very many leaders out there that haven’t heard a great muse from THE Coach.

The way that Coach Wooden led his life, his family, his teams but most importantly, his faith, was the inspiration I used when I coached basketball. Though I don’t coach anymore, there’s still a clear influence because Coach Wooden’s life was not lived just to be a basketball coach and win games.

His endless impact on his players as well as his peerless success in his work, make him the type of leader that we all want to become: a leader that loves his people and reaches the pinnacle of success at the same time.

It’s easy to forget how hard Coach Wooden worked. USC head football coach Pete Carroll said this, “When I read about how it took Coach Wooden 16 years of coaching at UCLA before he won his first championship, I involuntarily slammed the book shut, stunned.” Even a coach as successful as Carroll, can take for granted the sheer drive of Coach Wooden. He wasn’t always winning, but when he did, he did it well.

Thank you Coach Wooden, for the life you led and changing the world the way you did. Happy Birthday.