the pain of success

Posted on Tuesday.9.15.2009


*Sep 13 - 00:05*

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard something about Kanye West’s tirade during the MTV Video Music Awards and Taylor Swift’s utter embarassment during the show. Kanye has been getting hit from every side of the media as well as some of his own peers. Singer Pink tweeted, “Kanye West is the biggest piece of [expletive] on earth. Quote me,” and singer Katy Perry weighed in with “F— u Kanye. It’s like you stepped on a kitten.”

Of course, the victim here is not Kanye but Swift who was reported to have been crying backstage with her mother present and then had to perform live at the show just moments later. I’m sure the experience was exponentially more painful for her than it was for us as viewers to watch.

As I’ve been listening to more and more media reports about the incident and Taylor’s reaction and response, which includes a gracious gesture from Beyonce, I realized that the pain and embarassment she went through may all be worth it. First, she’s getting TONS of attention from media and thus more publicity. But more importantly, people are recognizing her sweet, innocent and humble appearance and shes getting lots of love from aforementioned media and celebs.

It made me think of how a lot of times, success doesn’t come without a good amount of pain. When we choose to work hard, lead and make an impact in our world, the pain may actually be a sign that we’re on the right track, rather than the gut reaction that, I must be doing something wrong. Furthermore, in some cases, the deeper the pain is, the bigger the success that will be waiting for you at the end. Anyone can work hard or lead during easy times, but the pain will define you and refine your character to accept the greatest success.

So yea, it sucks for Taylor Swift and I was really sad for her when I watched the VMA’s (I actually caught that part live). But, don’t feel too sorry for her, it looks like her success is just starting.

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