frustration for dummies

Posted on Thursday.9.3.2009


I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of frustration lately. We get frustrated at our jobs, in our homes, and with our friends and acquintances. We get most frustrated when we feel the right to be served and noticed by someone else.

What if there was a practical way to appease some of that frustration?

If you were to expect less and give more to every situation in your life or any situation that you feel frustrated with, how would that change your outlook on life?

We get frustrated at our jobs because we think we deserve (expect) more: better pay, better environment, better title, less stress. I shouldn’t have to deal with unruly people and my boss should promote me for it. When that doesn’t happen, there’s frustration.

We get frustrated in our homes because we shouldn’t have to do so much after a long day of work (expect somone else to do more). I shouldn’t have to do the dishes, the laundry, vacuum, cook, clean, sweep, dust, organize, change diapers, walk the dog, etc. Someone else should do it for me…it’s the reason why people get married isn’t it?

We get frustrated with our friends or even worse our acquaintances because they should be doing more for me. They should know when to call, when to hang out, when to shut up, when I’m happy and when I’m sad. But when they don’t, that’s where the frustration starts.

We expect and expect and expect. No wonder our expectations are never met…no one’s giving.

If we gave more to and expected less from the people in our world, wherever it is, maybe we wouldn’t be so frustrated. Who can you give more to today? How can you give more?

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