9 ways to make significant change

Posted on Monday.8.31.2009


On Sundays, my wife and I attend NewSong Church in Irvine, CA. This past Sunday, Bob Roberts, the senior pastor of Northwood Church in Keller, TX, came to speak about how people could change the world. Although Bob is an older caucasian man with a Southern drawl, you could sense his passion and knowledge of the world and its various cultures and diversity. He spoke on the key factors he believes can lead a person to make significant change in the world.

1. Grow strong character/integrity
2. Handle money carefully
3. Read moments accurately
4. Discilpline yourself relentlessly
5. Overflow with generosity
6. Keep motives pure
7. Create unity constantly
8. Work hard
9. Trust God

Whether or not you’re a Christian, I think these factors can help anyone. From the person who wants to see some changes in their small company to the world leader who is responsible for millions of people.

His most convicting statement came when he said,

“If you want to see the world changed, you can’t always control your schedule. People want to change the world, but they want to do it 8 to 5 and have weekends off.”

A lot of people want to want to see change and want to make a difference in their world. But there are fewer people who are willing to be inconvenienced to do it. There are two questions I believe you can ask yourself when you think of this statement: 1) Are you willing to sacrifice your leisure for making a significant difference in your world? 2) What is the area of strength or passion that you’re willing to inconvenience yourself for?

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