why me?

Posted on Wednesday.7.22.2009


If you’ve ever chosen to be a part of something good, er, even great you’re bound to have seen conflicts or disappointment. Whether it’s in your job, something you’ve volunteered to do or some extra curricular project, frustration and let down are all part of the journey. But often, it’s easy to forget the vision, instead we just put our hands on our head and say, why me?

Most of the time when we hit these moments of let down or frustration, we tend to feel like we’re doing something wrong or even worse, there’s something wrong with us. Anything great and worthwhile is going to come with some hard work and that hard work is going to involve things that we may not like to do, things that we’re not even good at, or even worse, things we don’t even know about. That’s where the conflict lies.

Anyone who’s serious about working hard should raise their challenge quotient.

1. Embrace frustration: understand that it’s coming. Again, with anything new, exciting or great, there’s a giant vision for hope and success at the end of the tunnel. The frustration doesn’t take away from the vision, but there’s definitely some tough times on the horizon.
2. The talent myth: I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Just because the you have a moment or fifteen moments of let down, doesn’t mean that the ideal still can’t be achieved through you. An excess of talent isn’t going to make something great easy to achieve.
3. Ask the right questions: what can you learn each time you face frustration? What did you do wrong? What did you do right? Are there people who can speak into the work you’re doing? These are some essential questions you can ask so that you don’t overemphasize small failures when you’re tackling something grand. There’s a humility in asking questions that reminds us that we haven’t arrived and don’t have all the answers, maybe that’s why there’s disappointment, sometimes we forget that.

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