what do you want to be like when you’re 50?

Posted on Saturday.7.11.2009


This was the question that was posed by AARP’s U@50 challenge. The challenge asked contestants to submit YouTube videos that spoke to what they would want their life to look like when they’re 50…specific rules below.

The U @ 50 challenge gave people between the ages of 18 and 30 the chance to create and submit short videos on what they expected their lives at the age 50 would be like. The contest promoted dialogue between generations and gave young people a chance to express views of the world through their own eyes.

I’m posting the second place video (thanks to LeaderTalk) because I think it gives a picture of hope to the millenial generation that’s normally plagued by entitlement and selfishness.

I think the U@50 poses a great question of what we would want our lives and our world to look like when we hit the ripe age of 50. Something to think about…maybe our lives could have more value today, if we worked towards what we wanted our life to look like in the future.

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