why you should watch the WNBA

Posted on Tuesday.7.7.2009



The other night I was catching a WNBA replay game of the LA Sparks and wondered how the NBA can have so many viewers and the WNBA can have so few? Obviously there’s the thought that the WNBA is not as exciting as the NBA, not as athletic, which are in many ways true statements (at least in my opinion).

The underlying issue of why most basketball players or watchers don’t watch the WNBA is because it reflects their own game a little too much. Imagine staring in the mirror and looking at one of your most imperfect physical attribute for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, that imperfection will seem worse and worse and worse as time goes on.

WNBA features very little dunking, high-flying athleticism, and sheer acts of physical display. Most people who play weekend pickup see basically the same thing and then obviously won’t choose to watch that on tv. It’s too painful to look at what lacks in yourself for hours and hours.

The lesson here is that even though most of won’t choose to face our weaknesses straight up, there’s a lot of learning to be had in that experience. We should learn more from the people who are just like us, but annoy the hell out of us. We should learn more from the people who are willing to point out our weaknesses. We should learn more from the people who we think there’s nothing to be learned from. The weekend basketball warrior could learn a lot more from watching the screens and moves that are made by the next WNBA star than Lebron James.

What can you face today that may be uncomfortable but life-giving?

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