do you REALLY care?

Posted on Wednesday.7.1.2009



There’s been a lot of bad news lately. When tragedy, hard times and a noble cause arises, most good and well-meaning people will get emotional, feel the need to act or support those that are close to the situation. I wonder though, how many of us (including myself) really care?

Here are some thoughts I had on the issue of REALLY caring about something or someone…

If you really cared:

  • why were you removed from the situation/person(s) until the tragedy happened?
  • does an email, text message, tweet, status update, comment, voicemail, really going to contribute to the s/p?
  • is your concern just the right thing to do at the right time?
  • are you sad because the situation is simply sad or are you actually invested in the people involved? We cry and can be sad at the movies all the time, but 90-150 minutes of emotion doesn’t make you invested.
  • is a vigil or get-together of uninvolved people reminiscing really the appropriate response?
  • what was the hard work you were involved in before things collapsed?
  • why did you let your comfort come before the pain that’s involved with investment?
  • why is your convenience the most important part of caring?

Any corporation, company, organization will come to a point of failure or collapse. There are small collapses and large collapses. Being preventative in our hard work can keep our failures minor, rather than being prescriptive after our large collapses.

Be preventative.

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