myths about talent

Posted on Tuesday.6.16.2009


A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about Tiger Woods and it got me thinking more about the idea of talent. It made me think about all the misconceptions that I believe about what it means to be talented or gifted at something. I’ll interchange the two for the rest of the post. Here’s my list of the myths of talent:

  1. Success is innate: “Must be born with it.” Though I do believe that people are born with a certain amount of talent or gifting, to believe that success is just born out of someone just isn’t true. I think I tend to believe this myth because I believe that everyone is born with a different amount of talent and gifting. What I tend to forget though is that talent isn’t the same thing as success. Only people who are born with it can be successful. I can become easily frustrated and just think, oh, he’s talented, that’s why he’s successful. That’s not always true.
  2. It must be easy: Another myth that I tend to believe is that if you’re talented at something, it must be easy. It shouldn’t be a struggle, it shouldn’t be difficult, you should never hit a growth plateau. After all, if you’re talented why whould it ever be hard? I think when really gifted people are younger, these things will definitely be true. But the older you get, the more you’re around other gifted people, I think the ease of being gifted may go away. I think even if you’re extremely gifted, at some point, hard work will be required to achieve sucess.
  3. Can’t be great without it: I’ve always looked for that one thing that I was really gifted at, doesn’t everyone? After all, didn’t God create us to be on this earth for something? So as I’ve been on that search I usually stop at one of the two myths above. If it starts getting difficult, I must not be born with it, so I won’t ever be good at it. So somewhere down the line, I believed that you couldn’t achieve any success or greatness without having a lot of talent. Maybe this is still true, but instead of working hard to achieve sucess, it’s much easier for me to give up and just say that I was never “meant” to do it.

The more I believe these myths the more I’ll let them take over anything that I’m working hard to achieve. I’ve been able to slowly realize that these myths exist and that I believe them way too much and let them take over any frustration that  I face when I’m working. What are the myths that you believe that discourage you from working harder tp become the best person, or best _______, you can be?

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