is SportsCenter racist?

Posted on Thursday.6.11.2009


So last night I’m watching SportsCenter’s top10 plays. Last night’s top play #10 featured Cleveland Indians outfilder Shin-Soo Choo, a Korean-born player picked up by the Seattle Mariners in 2000. Choo gunned down a runner from third base and got him out. That’s when anchor Stan Verrett proceeds to do a voice-over for Choo and says “Sayonara” to the runner.

Even though the name sounded Korean, I thought I would press the 15-second rewind button on my DVR just to make sure that what Verrett said was indeed Sayonara. Then, I picked up my iPhone and made sure that I wasn’t overreacting and checked to see if Choo was indeed Korean, not Japanese. I honestly was hoping that I was wrong.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t. Just before 11 p.m last night I tweeted this …

Sportscenter showing racism? Watch tonight’s top10 see if u catch it. Blog post coming soon.

Today, as I was going to link the top 10 to this post, I saw this … remember play #10, it’s the first one…


Did you catch it? Now, at the time I thought maybe I’m just being oversensitive, maybe it’s not that big a deal. The fact that last night’s video or the second airing of the top 10 was changed to a Korean version of goodbye, makes me feel like it was. Also, I’m not saying that they changed it because of my tweet. But, I’m going to pretend that ESPN saw my tweet and decided to change their “controversial” voice over because of me…I’m allowed to dream. I give them tons of credit for changing it. It shows that they don’t know everything and are sensitive to the issue.

What do you think, was I just being oversensitive? Did anyone else catch the original sayonara?

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