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Posted on Tuesday.6.9.2009


Republican Fundraiser

I read in an article today that Newt Gingrich thinks that President Barack Obama has “already failed.” Without getting into any political conversations, I wanted to talk about how this not only doesn’t help America, but it doesn’t help the Republican party that he wants to see grow and take over.

Different Ideas
A lot of people think differently about things. That’s ok and should actually be valued. You can argue and argue as much as you want with somebody, but most of the time, it doesn’t really change their mind. There’s a value in being able to understand how and why the other side of the argument is valid to another person.

Undermining Leadership
Every person has a right to complain, especially about the person in charge. I think everybody does it at some point in their life. The complaining is just whining and bickering if it is never actually handled with the boss. Are you willing to talk to your superior and not only provide alternate options but work with that person to bring those options to fruition? It’s a lot easier to just throw your hands up in disgust and “know” that your ideas are better.

I’ll get slightly political here, feel free to turn away. Partisan politics is bull. There can’t be one way to do anything and one party can’t explain all the nation’s or the world’s woes within their party’s ideals. Somehow, parties have to unite or a new party needs to emerge for real progress to be made. Just listen to Chris Rock…

Anyone who makes up they mind before they hear the issue is a f*ckin fool.

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