never enough time

Posted on Wednesday.6.3.2009



There’s never been enough time in a day to get everything you want done. Have you ever caught yourself saying…

“I just don’t have enough time to  ______”

There’s always something we don’t have enough time to do and so we never actually get to it. Whether it’s reading books, going to the gym, catching up on tv shows, hanging out with friends or learning something new. My dad used to always tell me that the older you get, the faster time goes by. Those are wise words now, but they weren’t when he used to tell me. The older we get, the more responsibility we take on and the result of that is decreased “nothing” time.

Nobody has time to do x, y or z. Most, if not all,  people become busy and run out of time in their day to do things they need and want to do. If there isn’t even enough time for the needs, the wants go even farther from getting done.

We make excuses and justify reasons why we can’t do the things we need and want and just “try harder” the next day. After weeks and months, we realize we never really tried and then beat ourselves up for not getting to it.

The solution is to make time. There’s no such thing as “when I have time, I’ll do it.” You have to carve out the time to get that thing you want done. Time doesn’t magically make itself available to you.

3 ways to make time

  1. Prioritize: you priortize every day, sometimes without even knowing it. You take time to catch up on the last episode of Lost, instead of spending 30 minutes reading that book you started, but never finished. Make an intentional effort to pay attention to your priorities as you work and run errands throughout the day.
  2. Values: you can’t really priortize without having values. You can either choose to live according to those values or not, or even choose to not have values at all. If you’re married and you love your spouse, one of your values is your relationship. Does your time reflect that?
  3. Sacrifice: making time may mean sacrificing things that are enjoyable or even sometimes, rest. I think rest is holy, but there may be times your priorties require you to sacrifice something as important as sleep. You’ll undoubtedly have to sacrifice your nothing time if you want to succeed. But if it’s a value and a priority, it’ll be worth the sacrifice.
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