Win at any cost?

Posted on Thursday.5.21.2009



The two coaches up top are very different types of coaches. Which one would you say has more wins? Which one would you say is more liked by his players?

When you’re a leader, winning is important. Whether you’re trying to win basketball games, make more money, or feed the poor and hungry, there’s a win. One leader can make the win the only thing that matters. Doing whatever it takes, whatever the costs to get to that win. The other leader may believe that winning your team (people) over will lead to more wins. Obviously, the best leaders are able to do both.

Some questions:

  1. Which type are you? Is the win most important or the people?
  2. If you had to choose one aspect to excel in, which one would you choose? Why?
  3. If you were hiring someone to lead your organization, team, company which leader would you want?
  4. What’s YOUR measure of a win in your job? Is it the same as your boss/company?

Some jobs require the win. If you don’t win, you lose your job. Some jobs winning is admired, but not necessarily the end all. Whatever industry you’re in, you’re going to face the problem of needing to know how you’re going to get to that win. Everyone is not like you and will not respond to the same motivations that you have, so how do you get to you’re win if that’s the case?

The coach on the left is Bobby Knight, the winningest coach in NCAA Division I Men’s basketball. He’s one of the best coaches of all  time. He’s choked players, thrown chairs and screamed his head off. Can you fault him though? He’s won more college basketball games than any other men’s coach. The coach on the right is Bruce Pearl, head coach at the University of Tennesse. He also is a great coach. As shown in the picture above, he desires to connect with his players so much he’s willing to do almost anything. He’s also done a rap for a pep rally (terrible by the way). Not nearly as many wins, though he’s just really getting started in Division I, but is not expected to be close to Bobby Knight. No one really is … so just win?

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