my own worst enemy

Posted on Wednesday.5.13.2009


Bill Simmons (ESPN Page 2) did a pseudo-interview with one of my new favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. It very shortly referenced his new book, Outliers, but mainly was a back-and-forth about sports and the idea of success. My favorite quote from the article was this …

  The biggest obstacle to success is success.


 I think part of what he’s talking about is what we consider to be success. I think sometimes our goals can be so small that we can taste success too easily. Once we’ve tasted that success, we think we’re done, we’ve arrived. We get bored and the pursuit of what we think is success is an after-thought because now it seems too easy. We settle. It’s easier to taste a little bit of success and quit, then to sweat and bleed and hold out for the maximum payout.

Don’t we see this all the time? We work hard to lose weight, let’s say 15 lbs, we eat right, we exercise five times a week. We taste the loss of five lbs and we start to cheat a little here, a little there because we’ve tasted some of that success. Or if we think nationally, a big company (enter mortgage shop here)  makes tons of money with a great business plan and instead of continuing to make more and more, they get arrogant, bored and complacent and make shady deals to feel some form of success again.

So instead of dreaming big and working towards it. We dream within reach and take little tastes of success with us and give up. The greatest obstacle of success is success…only if we let it be.

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