Who are your chefs?

Posted on Monday.5.11.2009



I love food and I love eating. So, needless to say, I get totally inspired by restaurants and chefs that are able to create things from scratch and add new twists to already common dishes. I think chefs, or culinary artists, definitely exemplify what it means to have vision, work hard and achieve success.

Chefs are able to take their main ingredient and manipulate it in various ways to create what we get to eat. They can grill, broil, sautee, bake, marinate, poach, fry, boil, smoke, you get the idea. They do all this to the main ingredient and then add what’s necessary to make the dish not only taste fantastic but look like an actual completed art piece. They get the most out of what they have and what they’re given. Have you ever seen Iron Chef?

So who are your chefs? Who are the people in your life that will do not only what is appealing but what is necessary so that you can be the best person you can be? Who is someone that can take your experiences, your pains, your joys, your current situations, your vision for the future and help make you as great as possible?

Here’s my recipe for great chefs:

1. Tenderize the meat: a great chef knows what they’re working with. They know the current state of the person and is able to assess what the person needs (tenderize) before making it into a completed meal.
2. Trim the excess fat: a great chef has the ability to tell you what you need to cut out of your life. Maybe you have some unhealthy habits or addictions, maybe you just spend too much money on clothes. A great chef will be able to identify what’s excess and what’s good to add flavor.
3. Grill for marks, then broil at 550 degrees for 10 minutes: sometimes we need to be grilled and be asked the tough questions. The times of my greatest growth was when people were asking me the questions that I didn’t want to answer or ask me to do things that I didn’t want to do. There’s a discomfort involved and things can get a little hot and sticky. Who will push you to do things that you won’t do on your own? One of my chefs once asked me why Tiger Woods has a coach if he’s the best player in the world. It’s to provide the heat necessary to bring out maximum potential. Most of us won’t choose the heat on our own. A great chef also knows just the right time to stop the heat.  
4. Add olive oil and salt/pepper to taste: maybe you need to learn some new things or develop in a specific way. A great chef will be able to tell you how you can grow by figuring out the resources to use to make you more flavorful. Is there a conference you can go to, a book you can read, a movie you can watch that will help add to the natural gifts that you have? What resources can be utilized to make this person grow?
5. Place rice underneath the meat and vegetables on top: every great meal is balanced by delicious sides that are perfectly placed. Do you need more balance in your life? What’s going to create the healthiest rhythms for you? A great chef can help you be balanced.

We all need great chefs in our life. These people can be older, younger, peers…anyone who is willing to make you great. Having a chef sounds great, but it also will not be an easy process. If you want to become the complete meal, you need to allow your chef to do what’s best even if it hurts.

This recipe is also great if we want to be chefs for other people. In the process, you’ll learn just as much about yourself as you do about the other person.

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