Think you should get paid more? Be industrious

Posted on Tuesday.4.28.2009



So you, like most people (including myself), at one point or another have thought that you should get paid more than you are currently getting paid. First, take the quiz as a self assessment…

1. Do you slack off, take shortcuts, lack effort when your boss/supervisor isn’t watching?
2. What have you done off the clock that makes you better at your career?
3. Have you maximized your strengths like you had planned? Like you said you would in your interview?
4. Are you adding value to your organization/company by being there or are you more concerned with personal gain?
5. Do you plan ways to make today great or bicker because one day at organization/company X, I’ll be doing that and making this?

Humbling isn’t it? If you got 4 or a 5 on that quiz you’re awesome. Pat yourself on the back and go ask for a raise(though, in this economy, I wouldn’t recommend it). If not, don’t be discouraged.

Notice that none of things above are connected to performance or results. The first block of the pyramid that I want to talk about is Industriousness (Hard Work). Coach Wooden says this,

There was a time when I’d tell myself, I’m going to be in better condition than anyone else. As I grew older my thinking changed to, I’m going to be in the best possible condition I can be in. I learned that I only have control over myself.

Put youself in a situation today to maximize your strengths. Try to forget about the next job or next best thing and work today like you deserve the raise that you’ll get tomorrow. Work towards that dream job, that dream salary and stop thinking well when I get there, I’ll work harder…work harder now and so you’re ready to work hard when you get noticed.

Action steps:

a. take the 5 questions and give them to 2 or 3 of your closest colleagues or even braver, your boss/supervisor, see how they think you rate on the industriousness scale.
b. find a way to do at least one of these at work every day for the next week, I guarantee you’ll see more results and production.

If you’re not happy at your job and you have no desire to be better, that’s a whole other issue. Check out my friend Tony’s post on getting an x-ray.

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