The Paradigm – John Wooden

Posted on Thursday.4.23.2009



Over the next few posts I will be going over John Wooden’s classic pyramid of success as sort of the foundation to begin the conversation of having vision, completing hard work and then achieving success. I was watching a documentary on Coach’s philosophy over the pyramid, which gave me the inspiration to start this blog in the first place.

Each of the blocks of the pyramid build upon each other with the five at the bottom being the foundation for the other aspects of the pyramid. It ultimately ends at its peak with competitive greatness, which Coach had plenty of winning 10 national championships, including seven in a row at one point.

Which block in the pyramid do you identify with most?

For those of you who don’t know who coach is you can visit for more information. He was a man of great faith who also found a lot of success in his worldly endeavors. He also has a seven point creed which his father gave him and can be used in daily life…

  • Be true to yourself.
  • Make each day your masterpiece.
  • Help others.
  • Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.
  • Make friendship a fine art.
  • Build a shelter against a rainy day.
  • Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.
  • Reasons why I love Coach Wooden…

    1.  He loved and loves his wife, Nell. Though his wife has passed away, he still writes her a letter everyday since she has passed.
    2. He’s been a mentor to several NBA players, many of whom are in the Hall of Fame. Though, he feels equally if not more proud of the players who have become doctors, lawyers, teachers and pastors.
    3. Though I have no idea how much he makes (booksales, speaking engagements, etc.) or made, he still lives humbly in an apartment in Encino.
    4. He’s one of few people who I think have mastered the art of what I value in leadership (Tony Dungy is one of the others), an ability to see and care for the people who he was leading while at the same time being EXCELLENT in his trade.

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